Members of We are Curious Cumbria, and non members with a relationship to, or a legitimate interest in, our local area are welcome to contribute to the blog on this website, or join us for a podcast, around the subject of people, place and nature. Email us or use the contact form on this site if you’re interested, but read the guidelines below if you will.

We are Curious Cumbria is a small non-profit organisation. Our website is managed by volunteers and is free to access. We can’t pay a fee for work submitted.

Work submitted will be published here on this site, and may be publicised on our social media platforms. Your written work may be edited.

If writing isn’t your thing we welcome submissions from visual artists and illustrators, makers, photographers, podcasters, sound artists etc., whether this is your profession or an enthusiasm.

Copyright remains with you. However, We are Curious Cumbria require that you own the copyright to your work, if you’ve granted an exclusive licence elsewhere we can’t publish it here on our site. (If we want to revisit your work in the future for, say, marketing or use in our annual report, we will contact you to ask for permission to do so.)


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