We are Curious Cumbria is a not-for-profit unincorporated organisation …

… A little club (curious about local history, and natural history) with a big idea: To explore the connections between people, place and nature over the passage of time.

It’s early days for WACC but this is what we’re about:

  • We host a community podcast, made especially for residents in Bridekirk and Gilcrux parishes.
  • We deliver and support projects to encourage residents of Bridekirk and Gilcrux parishes to take action to help improve their local environment.
  • We’re aiming to keep it real, this isn’t about do-gooding, gentrification, prettification, etc.


We don’t charge an annual subscription, but for certain events throughout the year (exhibitions we curate, outings we organise…) we’ll ask for a modest donation or ticket price to cover our costs and help fund the (ad-free) podcast.